Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Providence, RI became the first City to sign the Compact on Green and Healthy Homes

Last week the City of Providence, Rhode Island became the first City to sign the Compact on Green and Healthy Homes. “ We commend Providence Mayor Angel Taveras for his leadership in launching the national movement to formalize local commitments to address the health, social and economic challenges caused by unsafe and unhealthy homes in neighborhoods throughout the US," said GHHI Executive Director, Ruth Ann Norton. "The Green and Healthy Homes Initiative will enable local governments, territories and tribes along with their government and non-government partners to significantly improve the quality of life for children, families, and seniors in their communities.  By implementing the GHHI standards, practices and principals resources will be better spent to make homes healthy, safe and more affordable to maintain.  Reducing or eliminating the preventable and treatable illnesses and injuries resulting from in-home hazards means fewer emergency room visits and less financial burden on the local health care system. In addition, GHHI creates good paying jobs for local workers and makes homes more energy efficient. "